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Spin 2 Win

This is a 1-2 player game with a big wheel that spins around and then you roll balls down the table to different holes that will direct the wheel which way to turn and how many spaces to move. This game is completely skill an if you do it right you can win its big progressive jackpot.


Game is similar to our cyclone game. Object is to stop the light on the X to spin the wheel. The wheel could win you anywhere from 10 to 500 tickets. If it stops on PRIZE, you choose between four great prizes – Ipod Touch, four Zhu-Zhu Pets, Nintendo DSI and 20 000 coupons. Prizes vary from year to year and depending on stock availability.


Now no redemption casino could exist with out a cyclone machine. A favorite of many everywhere. This game is played by a giant circle of lights where one at a time they light up and chase around and round. Where you have to try and stop it on the solo blue light to win the progressive jackpot. We have multiple big winners on this all day and night long. We also have two other versions of the machine which are the same concept but have adopted the themes of monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

Raptor Captor

This one is a favorite of many children and adults too. Now this fun but challenging game is played entirely with your skills. The idea is to propel balls by smacking the air plunger sending them into the direction of choice to try and win big. Themed like the Jurassic park movie it has lots of cool targets. You can also get the targets in a certain sequence, which will lead to an explosion of tickets flying out of the machine.

Slam a Winner

This one still relatively new to the world is another machine of skill and timing and a little bit of luck. This game is a big tube and within it you fire down large bouncy-balls towards a spiral of moving targets to try and win the most amount of tickets possible and get that progressive jackpot.

Skee Ball/Ice Ball

Bring up the kids to play this classic bowling like game. This well known game is a favorite of parents and grand parents. You play by rolling a wooden ball up the ramp and try to get them in the highest point valued target. The higher your score the more tickets you win.

Wheel Deal

This is a unique game indeed. It’s a big round rotating table where the ends are marked off in different coupon values and of course a progressive jackpot. All you do to play is put a quarter in a slot and watch as the coin enters the table and is rolled over to the edge were it will end up in one of the designated coupon value areas. You want to try to time it right to get the jackpot or you can rapidly feed coins in to try not to miss a single opportunity to win big.

Wizard of Oz

This one of a kind game is a first for the state of New Jersey. It has an unique token gun that allows tokens to be shot at a rapid motion if wanted by the player. The object of the game is to knock over poker chips and collectible cards on the play field. If you collect all 7 character cards, the player is awarded 3000 coupons. There are only 2 machines like this in the country. One in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and the other one here in Gateway 26.

Monster Drop

A newer version of the Slam a winner game but with new, never before seen features. It has a new bonus ball system where you can aquire a number of balls to be dropped at the same time to win tons of tickets. It also has an unique monster jackpot where you must bounce a ball off the rotating play field into the monster jackpot circle for the big win.

Special Poker and Slot Games

Gateway Gold Slots

This game is our very own custom-built modern day slot machine. This machine is very unique to us because it possesses 3 separate progressive jackpots, which accumulate to enormous amounts! It also has great bonus features like when the “triple sevens symbol” appears on one of the reels an attendant will come over and give you the infamous “20 Extra Coupons”. There’s also the bonus spin wheel, which you can give a spin if its symbol appears. Now this game along with another one of Gateway’s custom builds, the V.I.P. Slot machines, are the only games on the East Coast with credit playback capability. Which means you can play your winnings back into the machine if you choose to do so, to enjoy more time playing and winning. Did we mention that each reel contains a wild symbol, which makes it incredibly effortless to win big on these slots. Now finally the most amazing thing about these machines is that they are the only slot machines anywhere’s that were built for playing slot tournaments. These fun and competitive tournaments are suitable for all ages. Did we mention that they are free? We invented this competition ourselves and you won’t see it anywhere else. You can find more about our slot tournaments below.

Flip to Win

It’s a coin pusher with a twist!!!

Coins are shot into the game through tree holes. Each hole commands a die with card suits (hearts, clubs, spades and dimonds) a question mark, and a wild. Biggest payout is three wilds for 300 coupons, matching three of the same suit pays out as well. The question mark will respin the dice and tickets are awarded for pushing coins over the edge.

Monopoly Pusher

Object is to light all of the hats or cars to play the bonus game. Bonus game will automatically roll dice and move a piece just like the game. Bonus game ends when you go to jail. Also you are awarded tickets for pushing coins over the edge.

Jumpin Jelly Fish

This is our new high tech nickel slot machine. Player can choose to play from 1 to 14 lines and bet 1 to 5 nickels per line. Getting three of the same symbols on any line will pay out a progressive jackpot. A jelly fish bonus on any line grants the player a bonus game, which allows you to choose from 1 to 30 jelly fish. Under those could be a coupon amount, letters to spell out Extra Bonus, or you might get stung and end the bonus round. The player also has the option to throw back their letter or coupons to go for a bigger prize. Once a prize or letter is kept, the game is over.

Betty Bling Pusher

Object of the game is to push a certain amount of coins over the edge in 15 seconds to activate the bonus spin. Coin amount varies upon how many times in a row you get a spin. Bonus wheel has amounts of 25 to 100 tickets and Big Prize is a MP3 player.

Hollywood Reels

Player shoots coin down a track and try to hit one of the ticket holes. A shot in the fireworks home gives you a chance to win the jackpot. You must stop the flasher on jackpot, in order to win it.

Video Poker

Poker and Slot Tournaments

Poker Tournaments

People come from all over the world to get on in one of our poker tournaments. We run several different types of tournaments daily about every 15 minutes. Our standard tournament is the legendary “3 of a kind poker tournament”. It’s played like this: like all of our tournaments it’s a competition between the player and every other player participating. Sometimes a small group of 5 and even at times up to 85 players at once competes to get the big prize. In a “3 of a kind tournament” the idea is to play as fast as you can and you want to get the most 3 of a kinds in that set period of time. The machine has a meter that counts up all your 3 of a kind’s during the tournament. When the tournament is over our attendants go around and award 5 coupons for each 3 of a kind that the players possesses, this way every one wins something. We also seek out who has the most and they are the winner of the tournament so they will receive a big bonus check of coupons or a great prize like a big screen T.V., an I-Pod, a bike, or even a real working slot machine. The winner also receives that special Golden V.I.P. Drawing ticket, which is for several private drawings at the end of the summer season on Labor Day weekend. We also run “one pair” tournaments. The idea is the same but with pairs. Just guess how much extra you can win by getting the easiest hand in the game. Sometimes we will run “Combination tournaments” where we count up a few different winning hands usually 3 of a kind, straights, flush, and full houses. We also run races usually a four of a kind race where the first player to be dealt 3 four of a kinds wins. It doesn’t take much to win a tournament in fact we have winners at all ages even a player as young as 7 years old repeatedly beat all the adults. So again this is a fun competition for all ages.

Slot Tournaments

Now if poker is not your thing we run slot tournaments day and night long as well. We call them “cherry tournaments”. This is because this is a competition to get the most cherries on your reels, where again your machine counts them automatically. They usually run several minutes long. When it’s done our attendants go around and count them up and award extra for each one you get and of course the winner with the most gets that big bonus check and that Golden V.I.P. Drawing ticket. These tournaments like our Poker Tournaments are unique to us because well we invented them and you won’t see them any where’s else as our machines were customized for them.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot, which is built up by the number of plays on the machine or on a large group of machines. Usually you have to play the max bet to win these. For example, our video poker machines possess 3 progressive jackpots that continue to grow bigger and bigger until they have been hit. The biggest of the 3 Progressives on video poker would be the 5 of a kind jackpot that would be the highest hand in poker. Next in line would be The Royal Flush Jackpot, which is usually in close pace with the 5 of a kind if not bigger, and then there is the Straight Flush Jackpot, which players will often hit multiple times in one sitting. Due to the fact that progressives reset once they are hit we have 3 different groups of video poker with 3 different progressive jackpots totaling to 9 separate jackpots. This way there’s always a big one to play for. Another set of big progressive jackpots are on our Gateway Gold Slots that also posses 3 separate progressives which also add up to colossal amounts. We also have several other machines that have progressives personal to that machine. Also whenever a player hits a jackpot as a bonus they also receive that Golden V.I.P. Drawing ticket for Labor Day Weekend. No other place on the Boardwalk has as many different and as high paying progressives jackpots then Gateway 26!!


If you have visited the Jersey Shore then you are familiar with cranes also referred to as claw machines or grab machines or grabbers. Well Gateway 26 has the best selection of merchandise in our cranes. The highest quality and popular plush pieces are incredibly easy to win here. We also have cranes with designer watches and jewelry. We currently have 141 crane windows and more coming. Did I mention all of our cranes are just 25 cent to play and win, unlike most places that charge 50 cent or even a dollar a shot. We also got the big monster cranes for bigger plush and we have the Giant Crane known as the “Big One”. With a claw big enough to pick up a person so I bet you can guess the size of the plush in it. We also got several other crane like games with great merchandise in, like video game systems.

Arcade Games

We have the biggest and best selection of video arcade games on the boardwalk. From the hottest new releases to your parent’s favorites we have got them all. We have got shooting games, driving games, dancing games, boxing games and of course your favorite classics like Pac man and Galaga. We have got games for all ages and all affordably priced.